We are proud to present our recipients and partners:
Be’ad Chaim (Pro Life)
A registered Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of mothers and unborn children. (Registered in 1989) We are a national organization with offices and Hotlines throughout Israel. All women are eligible for our assistance, regardless of nationality or religious beliefs.
Mesila- Aid and Information Center for the Foreign Community 
The Municipality of Tel – Aviv – Jaffa assumed, for moral, ethical and practical considerations, the initiative to establish a service that will serve the community of foreign workers and shelter seekers in the city.
Jacob’s Hope
Jacob’s Hope supports compassion projects in Israel to show the people of Israel Christians love and support Israel. Our compassion projects freely give food, clothing and household items to the people of Israel, regardless of their race or religion.
Beit Bracha
Beit Bracha, “The House of Blessing” in Hebrew, is a prayer retreat and guesthouse in northern Israel, ministering peace to Christians from around the world.
Welfare Department, Kfar Saba Municipality
The Welfare Department workers and volunteers at the city of Kfar Saba Municipality are committed to serve, provide opportunities, improve the quality of life and strengthen in terms of personal resilience, family and community. The service is given in a variety of professional interventions in social work and in partnership with various community agencies.
Ariel Congregation

The Ariel Congregation is privileged to be able to distribute food and clothing to the needy in Ariel and the surrounding areas. The needy include Messianic Believers among whom are many Russian new immigrants, as well as others who suffer need. The food distribution takes place every 3 months, and we are blessed to be able to purchase food, cleaning products and other household items through Love to the Needy. Haim’s personal handling and delivery of our orders is exceptional, and  for us he is a God send that enables us to carry out this ministry cost effectively and efficiently.

HaMaayan Congregation

Founded in 1989, Kehilat Ha Maayan is a local Messianic congregation comprised of mostly Jewish and also Gentile born-again believers in Yeshua (the Hebrew name of Jesus), the Son of God, Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world.

Ha Maayan is a non-denominational congregation. We meet for worship of the Living God in spirit and in truth, studying and proclaiming the Word of God and serving one another through practical deeds and spiritual gifts.