Our Vision

  1. To shine our light before people, so that they may see our good deeds and praise our Father in heaven.
  2. To help the needy out of poverty.


Haim Barak, the director and founder of Ahava La Nizkak (Love to the Needy), was himself in great need while in Australia. God touched his heart through the help he received from the Salvation Army. “Deal thy bread to the hungry, and bring the needy and the harbourless into thy house: when thou shalt see one naked, cover him, and despise not thy own flesh.” (Isaiah 58:7)

In 1997, Haim founded the organization Ahava La Nizkak (Love to the Needy)

The Situation in Israel

According to official statistics, one in every 3 children in Israel is considered “poor”. Many children go to school without eating breakfast. Many others also do not have all the equipment for school, since their parents do not have enough money to purchase books, school bags, notebooks, etc.

We Help

Ahava la Nizkak extends help to Needy people, the main focus being the unemployed, families with many children, single parents and new immigrants.

In addition, we help other non profit organizations which provide for the needy in their region.