Israeli families below poverty line up to 19.1%

The latest National Insurance Institute report finds rising poverty in the Arab sector and falling poverty among haredi Jews.

Almost one in every five Israeli families lives beneath the poverty line, the National Insurance Institute report for 2015, which was published this morning, has found. The report found that although there was a slight fall in the number of poor people, the poor have become poorer. Israel also remains at the top of the rankings in terms of the level of poverty and inequality in OECD countries.


poverty photo: Avshalom Sassoni
NGO finds 29% of Israelis live in poverty

The National Insurance Institute found that there were 468,800 families living under the poverty line in Israel in 2015, comprising 1,217,900 people including 764,200 children. The report found that although the number of poor actually fell slightly, the percentage of poor families rose from 18.8% in 2014 to 19.1% in 2015.

Source: Globes

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